Monday, March 14, 2011

spring break

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boy spring break has really changed.  i used to be shedding my winter clothes for a 'bathing soup' and heading to the beach.  now i'm...well...not headed to the beach, nor a pool, nor anything that would require a 'bathing soup'.  we'll make it outside at some point this week i'm sure but not until we get our 'little' girl moved into her 'big' girl room.  my house looks like a bomb went off.  i started laughing earlier because in every, yes every, room i walked into there were 20 things that needed to be done...put know.  so i grabbed the camera because i knew that you guys would be so jealous that we're having such a fun spring break *wink*. 

and let's discuss this big girl room quickly okay.  she wanted pink.  the two things she asked for is pink and polka dots.  i thought i could pull it off.  nowi'm second guessing.  we haven't gotten the bedding on yet {which is white w/ tiny pink polka dots like the stool}  but seriously it's too much pink.  so pardon the half completed room.  i hate showing the 'after' picture while it's still 'gotta-have-another-color-mixed-in-no-where-near-an-after' room.  the best part is the headboard.  i do love the way it turned out.  oh and the fact that now i'll have way more room than the crib to curl up beside her.  the crib shenanigans were about to cause a chiropractors visit.  no joke.

okay so happy spring break.  you're jealous eh?

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Cindy Brooks said...

There is no place like home! Happy Spring Break!