Thursday, June 9, 2011

and 2 years ago...


and here we are two years ago... we had made it through a whole year together us three.  i remember this day so clearly.  i think this first birthday will forever be etched in my mind.  i was so happy that day.  so thankful.  after a year of learning and changing and growing i slowed down just long enough that day to really celebrate her life.  her birthday.  and i made a decision that day to always make a extra effort to celebrate her birthday in big ways.  i'm not talking about money, i'm just talking about effort.  spending time and energy to make her feel so loved and celebrated. 

this picture reminds me of rocking her to sleep.  i've spent countless hours staring at that very face.  so much so that each centimeter of it is committed to my memory.  that face has changed so much from that first year but still the middle of the night...when i still sneak in there to see her chest rise and fall...and whisper a prayer over her soul...and be reassured that all is well...i see this very face.  i really see this very face. 

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