Friday, June 3, 2011

summer break - week 3

summer busy-ness is in full swing.  got another super busy 10 days ahead and i'm trying to enjoy and savor every minute of the hussle and bussle.  so here's week 3 in no particular order...

harold said you shouldn't give a stray cat milk.  but what else in the world are you supposed to do when a curly headed baby looks at you with huge brown eyes and tells you that the cat is "real thristy and needs his momma"?  give that cat some milk that's what. and tell her that be it an animal or a person when there's a need and you can meet it, by all means do what you can.  mean old harold.


speaking of harold...i was kidding about the mean part but you already knew that if you know him at all.  he's mush and i think jojo is picking up on that because she's starting to give him lots of attention and ask for him lots more.  she ain't dumb i tell ya. 


that above is one of my favorite pictures of them.  she's breaking her neck to kiss her daddy.  and i love that they are looking each other right in the eyes too.  love love love those two.

we planned a long weekend away to harold's parents house but when we got there grandma had a high fever and went straight to bed.  i don't know which was more sad about not getting to spend time together...her or georgia.  this is her telling georgia that she had to go lay down.  it was pit.ti.ful. 

we stayed a few hours and just decided to drive to my parents house instead.  i think georgia was trying to convince papa to give her another pack of skittles here.  or something else.  she's figuring him out too. he's mush too.  harold jr got it honest.



this is the only picture i got during our time in auburn. it's georiga showing her great grandmother her piece of bacon.  hilarious.  and loving bacon she got honest from me. 

and here's my favorite picture from this week...


so 10 days until the big birthday.  hard to believe.  be back soon.


Shea Ford said...

Heather, she's a doll!

Cindy Brooks said...

Poor Grandma! I hope she is feeling better. When she sees that picture, she will have a broken heart!
Can't wait to see what you have planned for the birthday part!
Hugs from Auburn!

Summer Vaughan said...

what sweet photos, heather. hard to believe the big day is right around the corner! hope it is a marvelous one.