Saturday, July 2, 2011

funny girl

7-2 204 
this was the exact conversation that she had with her daddy the other day...

"little people stand on tippie toes but big people stand on big toes and you don't have little feet just me and mommy have little feet and your skin isn't pink just a litte pink but my skin is a little bit brown and a little bit pink and you don't have any hair."

that was all one sentence, one breath.  god love her. 

and if you're wondering about the ear muffs above, those are flight line ear muffs from harold's air force days.  you can't hear anything with those things on.  sometimes around 5 p.m. when little people who haven't napped starting getting fussy, i may or may not wear those around the house and sing kumbaya loudly.  she knows how they work now and i'm afraid she'll catch on and start using them on me.  in that picture above she's saying..."what...what...i can't hear you".  smart girl huh...

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