Monday, July 4, 2011

tuesdays at jew-nastics

6-13 028 

georgia started gymnastics jew-nastics at the beginning of the summer.  it's only on tuesdays and just about every other day she asks if it's jew-nastics day.  i kinda wish it was because she is irresistable in her leotard.  they do half of their class in the preschool gym and the other half in the big gym where the big girls are.  we get there super early because she loves watching those big girls.  in that picture above she's trying to do some move she saw and her exact words were..."watch dis mommy.  dis is for big girls.".

6-13 035 
6-13 047 
6-13 058 
6-13 075 
6-13 095 

she's not up yet, but she'll be so happy to know it's tuesday, jew-nastics day when she wakes up...


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Cindy Brooks said...

Okay, the first thing that comes to mind is that she is getting to be such a "big" girl herself..The second is "AFRO PUFFS"... :-)
Hugs from Auburn!